NV Trans

Capabilities «NV TRANS» LTD in 2018

DELIVERY of loaded containers Moscow, regions of Russia

Work at rates 2017.

Extended rates 2017 to March 1, 2018 for delivery of loaded containers from the stations of Moscow suburbs to a warehouse customer.

  • Silicate
    20 DC — 17600 rubles, 40 GP/HC — 18600 rubles.
  • Khovrino (arriving in the container trains):
    20 DC — 17500 RUB., 40 GP/HC — 18500 RUB.
  • Kupavna:
    20 DC — 19900 RUB, 40 GP/HC -20400 RUB
  • Selyatino:
    20 DC — 20000 rbl., 40 GP/HC -21100 RUB

BET on road transport, Moscow

The supply of vehicles for delivery of loaded container — 12000 rubles/container.

Time for unloading/loading 4 hours / 20DC; 5 hours/ 40GP/HC

Rates of 18% VAT


Export container shipments on the routes Moscow/Novosibirsk/Blagoveschensk — China/Mongolia

2017 managers NV TRANS is running and gaining momentum in a new direction, the organization of transportation of container cargoes in the export mode. Basically, it is pastry and raw materials for industry.

Give the empty container 40HC-for export shipments with sea line of KMTS (Vladivostok) in the cities of Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Chita, Khabarovsk to the ports of Japan, China, Korea, Pakistan, and other countries of South-East Asia.


Supply of imported products via the ports of the Russian Federation: Vladivostok (VMTP, VSCT, terminal Sollers), Vostochny port, the port of Novorossiysk, port of St. Petersburg, including customs clearance of imported goods for the railway stations of Moscow, Moscow region.

The organization of international transportation through Belarus by any means of transport.

Forward of the loaded container at the railway stations of Moscow and Moscow region — Khovrino, Vorsino, LVP Podolsky, arriving at train in VTT mode.

it is Possible to arrange a change of vehicle on LPV Podolsky, for containerized cargo arriving in the VTT mode, in agreement with the customs office.


Act as Agent in the following processes:

  • organization of international transportation,
  • deployment of applications in the marine line, informing about the status of the cargo transportation
  • in matters of customs clearance of imported goods
  • in the forwarding of containerized cargo by any mode of transport (sea, air, railway, auto)
  • and other questions of feasibility study
  • all the Luck in the World!!!