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Container shipping from USA and Canada

Container shipping from USA and Canada

North America produces many products, which find their consumers in European and Asian countries, including Russia and the countries of the Customs Union. Company "NV-TRANS" offers its services in the field of freight forwarding of containers from Canada and USA to the ports of Russia, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Two areas freight cargo

Depending on the location of the shipper and the final destination might use different routes shipping lines.

Company "NV Trans" sends containers from the West coast of North America: ports (Houston, New York, Montreal and others) in Saint Petersburg and the Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) and other European countries.

After the arrival of loaded containers to the ports of the Baltic countries, the staff of the company "NV Trans" organizes transportation of the container to the customer's warehouse in any city of Russia or any of the neighboring countries. Recent executed orders for import goods: submit the import goods, in VTT mode from Klaipeda port to station Alamedin (Kyrgyzstan), Kokshetau, Atyrau (Kazakhstan), (Kolyadichi) Minsk.

From the East coast of North America (Los Angeles, Vancouver) carried out sending to Vladivostok and South-East Asia.

Big turnover allows us to obtain the minimum rates of shipping lines and established connections with partners in the U.S. and Canada will make the process of shipment as transparent as possible.

Integrated delivery

Depending on the required time, cost and other conditions, it is possible to use different delivery schemes, and combinations of several types of transport, including road and rail. If necessary, our specialists can assist in customs clearance of cargo in Russia and in other countries of the Customs Union: Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

A full range of services at minimum price

For quotation, please contact our specialists using the contact details or fill in the feedback form. We will select the most economical route based on the needs and objectives of the client, with reasonable price and delivery time.