NV Trans

Customs clearance of the goods


Company "NV-Trans" carries out a full spectrum of services in the area of customs clearance of the goods of any origin: consultation concerning customs clearance in Russia, preparation of the documents for customs, and also registration of all necessary certificates and the conclusions.

Our experts work with any volumes of goods: both with regular customers, and with single deliveries. Also we give individual consultation concerning customs clearance of any goods.

Thanks to cooperation with company "NV-Trans", all our client can make customs clearance of goods at the different customs posts of Russia without any problems.

We offer different services in customs clearance of goods in the area of import deliveries:

  • consultations concerning customs clearance;
  • goods classification in conformity with goods nomenclature of foreign trade activities of the Russian Federation (code of goods);
  • the analysis of the documents of the goods;
  • calculation of the customs cost;
  • an estimation of the customs payments; working out of the optimum scheme of delivery of the goods;
  • customs clearance of import goods.
  • For calculation of cost of customs clearance of goods, please use contact information or send a request directly from this site.