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Delivery on EXW terms from Europe

Delivery on EXW terms from Europe

To minimize the risks of both buyer and seller, are widely used terms are Incoterms, which allows to unambiguously interpret certain terms of delivery. You know what EXW means ex warehouse of the supplier or manufacturer, the responsibility for delivery and customs clearance of goods lies with the buyer. But without the help of experienced professionals can be difficult to know what documents are needed for customs clearance of the purchased goods, since for certain categories of goods, the customs may require additional permits and certificates. Safely deliver and customs clearance of goods will help the specialists of the company "NV Trans".

Export Declaration

Under the terms of EXW, Declaration of goods for export is not included in the seller's obligations under the contract, and therefore, for the dispatch of goods to the Customs Union countries you will need reliable partners who will take care of the goods. Company "NV Trans" has a network of agents in Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and can also arrange shipping from France, Croatia and Bulgaria. These countries are reliable partners of the company "NV Trans", and our customers regularly and purchase goods in Europe and taken to Russia with the help of our experts. Specialists of the company "NV Trans" organizes regular deliveries of goods from 5 cubic meters and more than 1 ton and more. If the description of Your cargo on any of these parameters match, please send us a request for calculation of cost of delivery.

Transport options

Depending on the geographical position of the seller, the development of the transport network and the time of year, the company "NV Trans" can offer several options of transport:

  • car,
  • train,
  • aviation,
  • sea.

Delivery is possible as the whole of the shipping container and the cargo. For the selection of the optimal route and mode of transport in the ratio of "price-time" contact our specialists by phone or by using the feedback form. We will offer the most favorable conditions of carriage, will check the conformity of the documents with customs legislation, and, if necessary, help with customs clearance of your cargo. Thus, the company "NV Trans" will take care of all shipping and clearance, and deliver any cargo from Europe to anywhere in Russia or another country of the Customs Union.