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Delivery through Vladivostok port

 commercial Vladivostok  port

The "NV TRANS" company offers a full complex of services in forwarding of import cargo. Forwarding passes from the countries of Southeast Asia on the territory of the Customs Union through Vladivostok port (VMTP).

From the arrival of the ship with the container to the port, it is necessary to pass customs clearance of freight in the most short time. Then the container will be sent on the territory of the Russian Federation to the warehouse of the consignee, because every day use and storage in the port is worth some money. We cooperate with container terminals and shipping lines. Because of this, our customers save a lot of money, and this is very important because any costs are inevitably incorporated in the price of the goods. That is why the real cost of imported goods is minimum.

We offer container transportations from the commercial port to the train stations of Moscow and Novosibirsk. The prices for each container for July-August, 2016 are below included.

Moscow (Silikatnaya) Novosibirsk-Vostochny
20 DC (weight < 24 t) 61 400 54 000
20 DC (weight > 24 t) 71 400 61 600
40 HC 92 300 76 000

Free storage on the territory of the commercial port comprises 14 days.

Included in price: port forwarding, the cost of the train to the destination station.

Not included in price additional costs commercial Vladivostok port:

  • storage,
  • inspections,
  • MIS,
  • weighing of the container,
  • protection of freight.

Delivery to a warehouse of the consignee by motor transport

In addition to the delivery of the railway transport the "NV TRANS" company offers the receiving container at the railway station and delivery to consignee's warehouse. That’s why our clients shouldn't worry. Our staff will take the container at the station and bring to your warehouse for unloading. In this case, we can provide a deferred payment in the amount of 50% of the full delivery cycle: you will be able to pay shipping in full just before the receiving container.

The cost of automobile delivery of containers from the train station to the warehouse of the customer indicated in rubles.

Moscow (Silikatnaya) —
the warehouse in Moscow
Novosibirsk-Vostochny —
the warehouse in Novosibirsk
20 DC (18 tons of cargo) 14 000 от 9 600
40 HC (20 tons of cargo) 17 000 от 12 000

The price includes auto delivery of container to consignee's warehouse, 4 hours unloading for 20 ft container, 5 hours for 40-foot container and return of empty container back to the station. For calculation of exact delivery cost to Novosibirsk it is necessary to tell the delivery address to our specialists. They will calculate exact cost in the shortest possible time.

For a free consultation, you should contact with our specialists by phone or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We will help you to optimize your expenses on cargo delivery, and will make the process delivery of import cargo simple and transparent.