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New opportunities of NV Trans in 2016

New opportunities

The new year includes new possibilities, beginnings and new successful experience.

  1. We render the EXW service in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and USA. On client's demand we organize survey services on loading and unloading in warehouses (photographing, inspection goods). Your sender will be satisfied and you will not worry for the goods and delivery time.
  2. The best rate on the Freight from SHANTOU port to the port of Vladivostok of VMTP/VVOVMTP (VCT): 700 USD/20DC; 1000 USD/40HC.
    We will provide 40 days free use of the containers after unloading from the vessel. We provide containers for use to the main stations of the Russian Federation (the final destination of the goods).
  3. Organization of delivery of cargoes from China to Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries in wagons with transshipment at Dostyk station. We also provide transportation in own containers, the containers of the Russian (TRKU) and Chinese Railways (TBJU). It is also possible the provision of customs services in Kazakhstan.
  4. Provision of customs services in the territory of Kazakhstan in the Customs Union, with the subsequent delivery of goods in Russia.
  5. We organize cargo transportation in the mode of internal customs transit from St. Petersburg to Moscow or Moscow Region. It includes difficult routes: a freight/car from the Europe/the USA, delivery up to the customs post in Moscow/Moscow region, with further shipment by railway to destination city in Russia.

The current Affairs and successes:

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