NV Trans

Refrigerated transportation

Refrigerated transportation

The "NV Trans" company carries out combined refrigerated transportations of Russia by cargo speed from Moscow to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Depending on specifics of freight, we offer a combined refrigerated transportation in isothermal cars and cars-refrigerators.

We carry out:

  • transportation of volume "vat" freights,
  • refrigerated transportation of food from 1 kg with support of the set temperature +2... +5 °C or −10...−15 °C.

Prices for refrigerated transportation in Russia from Moscow

The cost of the refrigerated transportation pays off proceeding from freight density: 290 kg/m3. If freight is heavy, but compact - calculation is conducted on weight. If freight is light, but volume, we use the table with the prices for volume. The prices of combined refrigerated transportations to Khabarovsk or Vladivostok are provided below.

Price, rub/kg
1-100 kg 20 20
100-500 kg 17,8 18,1
501-1000 kg 17,3 17,6
1001-2000 kg 16,8 17,1
2001-4000 kg 16,3 16,6
4001-7000 kg 16,05 16,35
7001-10000 kg 15,8 16,1
10-15 tons 15,3 15,6
more than 15 tons 14,8 15,1
Price, rub/m3
Size, m3KhabarovskVladivostok
0,35-1,72 5133 5220
1,73-3,45 4988 5075
3,46-6,9 4843 4930
more than 6,91 m3 4800 4800

At measurement of volume we consider the coefficient 1,1 resulting from the inhomogeneity of the individual point of the consignment and the inability to completely eliminate voids between the individual seats for the party.

All prices include 18% VAT.

The cost of purlin is 800 rubles/m3.

The sending of bulky goods adds 25% to the cost of transportation. Bulky goods – is the freight which one place has such physical sizes: work of three measurements (length * width * height) more than 3 m3, or size of one of measurements more than 3 m.

How is it possible to order the refrigerated transportation?

It is very simple to order a refrigerated transportation of combined freight. For this purpose it is enough to contact our experts or to send the demand from the site.

For a small payment we will take away freight from the sender's warehouse and deliver to the railway station, then in Khabarovsk or Vladivostok we will bring refrigerator transport on a warehouse of the consignee.